University of York Prayer Rooms

Alcuin Prayer Room

The Alcuin Prayer Room (AL IMAN ROOM) is located in Alcuin ATB/040 and ATB/039, Seebohm Rowntree building (Alcuin). One room is for females and the other is for males. Kindly also note that the nearby shower rooms has been adjusted to include proper Wudu facilities.


Multi Faith rooms

Two multi faith rooms (can be used by members of all faiths) are available, both of them are quiet and can be used to do prayers.

Wentworth Multi faith prayer Room

Located in Wentworth College in room W/029. This room is both for males and females. The room is open 24 hours but you need to collect a key card for entry at the porter’s lodge. The nearest toilets are located along the corridor from the prayer room.

Heslington East Hub Multi Faith Room

Located in Heslington East in room RCH/241. There is a curtain separator inside the room to separate the male section from the female section.


Congregational Prayer

Please try to come to prayer room at Jama’at times , advertised in timetable, so that a congregational prayer can be arranged.

Comments and Suggestions

Kindly note that any comments or suggestions related to the new prayer room should be sent to our Prayer Room Coordinator, Rasha Salah, and